Our Aim

To provide our clients with credible solutions which suit their need and to provide them with a hassle free experience.

Career Consultation:

We are here to assist and guide your through your career choices. We help you realize your potential and channel you in the correct direction that would help you achieve yourend goals. Student Visa:

Being MARA agents, we can assist you to gather all the documents required to supportyour student visa application and also represent it to Department of Home affairs on your behalf.

Change Courses

If you didn't find the course the way you anticipated & are looking to change your course, we can suggest an alternative that is more suitable to your learning abilities & career aspirations.

Health Insurance:

We help you with all your other visa requirements as well. We provide you with end to end solutions.

Professional Year:

We assist you with your professional year requirements as well. We provide the most competitive rates and help you with placements.

We are committed to providing you
a hassle free end to end experience

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Hi! mee.org.au

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March 6, 2020   
Hi! All 6756 Users  

Hello! I like your site and uncontested communication. Thank. I command be overwhelming my thoughts here.


February 6, 2018   
Successful visa application  

Appointing Migration and Education Experts to act as our migration agents has meant that we have had expert advice and guidance throughout the, often complicated and stressful, process of applying for visas and honesty believe that it's the best money we have ever spent! The best part was having the peace of mind that an expert was dealing with our visa process which took much of the worry and stress out of it for us. Thank you so much for helping and supporting us through hard times.

January 31, 2018   

Excellent service very reliable, excellent knowledge of immigration. I found very helpful when applying my parents visa. Thanks 😊

January 17, 2018   

Excellent service and guidance to apply my PR.